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What Type Of Gun Owner Are You? 

From: Ryan G. Thomas  in Tampa, FL.

Did you know that 97% of gun owners don’t know how to use a firearm in self-defense?

In fact that’s exactly what happened on December 29, 2019 at the West Freeway Church of Christ in Texas. 

As church members were enjoying the service, a strange man entered the building wearing a fake beard, sunglasses, and a jacket. 

Several members of the church realized that something about this man seemed strange, but they failed to take action. 

What they did not know was that this man, later identified as Keith Thomas Kinnunen, was concealing a shotgun under his jacket.

 During the service, Kinnunen appeared to become agitated as he got out of his seat and paced back and forth. 

But The Security Team Choose To Do Nothing...

Suddenly Kinnunen pulled out his shotgun and pointed it at an usher. 

A nearby concealed carry permit holder identified the threat, stood up, and attempted to draw his firearm. 

Unfortunately, this permit holder had never attended an advanced shooting course and he lacked the training to use his firearm at a high level while under extreme stress, and because of this...

He Was Shot And Killed...

Many gun owners believe that if they have a gun and a concealed carry permit, they will be able to use their firearm at a high level during a violent attack. 

Just imagine for a moment that you went to a music store and purchased a brand new guitar. Just because you have the guitar, does that mean you can play it at a high level, like Aerosmith or Metallica? 

Of course not... 

Why are those individuals able to play the guitar so well? 

Because of consistent, deliberate practice and the proper training. 

The First Gun Owner Was Killed Instantly… 

Unfortunately, this concealed carry gun owner thought that because he could shoot at a paper target...

He would rise to the occasion and perform at a level he had never trained at. 

Unfortunately, he was wrong and when he attempted to pull his firearm from concealment he was shot in the chest and killed...

He Is a Real Life "John Wick"

Then we have the second type of gun owner; his name is Jack Wilson. This type of gun owner has a deep desire to protect himself, his family, and the innocent people around him from evil. 

This type of gun owner knows that his skills will never rise to the occasion, but instead, they will fall back to their highest level of training. 

When Wilson identified the threat, he drew his gun and shot the bad guy in the head from 50 feet away. 

Have you ever shot a 7-inch target at 50 feet before? 

It is extremely difficult...

Jack shot the bad guy from 50 feet away while the bad guy was moving. 

Have you ever heard the term “the penalty of a miss?” Just imagine that I had you in a headlock with a knife to your throat. 

If your spouse had to shoot me in the head to save your life, what is the penalty if they make a mistake? 

They could kill you… 

Wilson had to shoot over the heads of 20 or more people to stop the attacker. The next day, during an interview, Wilson was asked what was going through his mind before he pressed the trigger. “This is easy,” he said. My jaw hit the floor. 

This is easy. This guy is a real-life John Wick!” 

Why was shooting a tiny moving target from 50 feet away while under extreme stress easy for Wilson? 

It was because of consistent, deliberate practice and the proper training. Did Wilson rise to the occasion and perform at a level he had never trained at? Of course not — no one ever does. Wilson fell back to his highest level of training, which was enough to stop the attacker and save countless lives. 

Let me ask you a question… 

Why Do You Carry A Firearm? 

If your answer is you want to protect yourself and your family from a violent attack, then wouldn’t you agree that getting your concealed carry permit, reading a book, and watching videos on YouTube is not enough?

Introducing The

After years of development, we are excited to announce a revolutionary new training program specifically designed to give you the skills, mindset, and abilities necessary to not only survive a violent attack but to dominate it. 

If you are ever unfortunate enough to be confronted by a wolf, we don’t want it to be a fair fight. 

Our goal is to overwhelm our attacker with superior firepower and training. 

And The Sheepdog Masterclass is precisely the tool that will give you the unfair advantage you’ve been looking for. 

Here’s A Sneak Peak At What You Will Learn Inside Of This Powerful New Training… 

  •  How To Perform An Emergency Reload So Fast That Even Your Attacker Will Be Impressed… So That You Can Reload Your Firearm Fast And Get Back Into The Fight...

  • The Secret Malfunction Clearing Technique Only Insiders Know… (This Changed The Way I Train Forever.) 

  • How To Make Accurate Hits Without Using Your Sights… So That You Can Gain An Unfair Advantage.

  • ​ The 5-Step Process Competitive Shooters Use To Draw Their Pistol… So That You Can Engage The Threat Safely In A Blink Of An Eye.

  • ​​Discover The Strategy Used By Special Forces Operators To Dramatically Increase Accuracy… (This Is The Most Important Drill You Will Ever Learn.)

  • ​​Master The Art Of Extreme Rapid Fire...So That You Can Overwhelm The Enemy With Superior Firepower.

Who Am I?

I was sitting in the back of my church when a man walked in who was acting very strange. Immediately I knew that something was wrong then suddenly a senior member of the church approached me and said 

“Ryan we think that man is an active shooter, I need you to run to the children's building, tell them what's happening and secure the building…” 

So I jumped up and ran next door. I was extremely afraid because my wife and eight month old daughter were in the children's building. 

When I arrived I began screaming “Lock the doors… You stand by that door and do not allow anyone to open it!!!” 

I decided to guard the main entrance which was an entire wall made out of glass. 

“What am I going to do if this guy shoots the glass?” I wondered. 

So I began digging through some boxes to look for anything I could use as a weapon. Unfortunately, the only weapon I could find was a pen. 

This was when I realized that I was wildly unprepared for a violent attack.  

After the incident was over, I went on a mission to develop my advanced shooting skills. I traveled the country attending defensive pistol shooting courses for the next five years from some of the nations top instructors. 

It was costly, but I was willing to spend the money because I didn’t see it as a cost; I saw it as an investment in the safety and protection of my family. 

For the last few years, I have shared this knowledge with thousands of people with my Advanced Concealed Carry courses, and I have watched as their defensive shooting skills have skyrocketed… and finally, I am ready to re-open enrollment. 

Don’t Take My Word For It, Here’s What My Students Have To Say…

"I Found More Weaknesses"

I've been shooting about two years, with lots of practice. I wanted to attend The Sheepdog Masterclass just to further my safety, further my shooting ability and to make sure that I'm ready for the worst day of my life… 

If anyone is considering taking this course I would say definitely take it because you're learning everything you need to know and you have an Instructor standing next to you saying "Hey, this is what you're doing wrong. Here's how to fix it." I ran through a lot of drills and I found more weaknesses that I need to work on… Dan Brichetto, Brandon FL

"Worth Every Penny"

Ryan gave me a plan, and his classes are designed for us to take that plan, and practice at the range. This is the only way we can identify our weaknesses and work on them. The more pressure I can experience in training the better prepared I will be during an attack. This course brought out my weaknesses and that is the only way you can bring yourself to a level that will give you a better shot at surviving a real situation. The value we're getting here is worth every penny…

Joe Yager, Sarasota, FL

"Tomorrow Something May Happen"

I'm actually pretty new. This is probably my fifth or sixth time shooting a gun ever. So I wanted to learn the right way before I start carrying concealed. How to be safe and put it in the holster. You never know, maybe tomorrow something will happen and now I will be prepared.

It's why I wanted to actually do it. And maybe tomorrow there will be something going on and then I'll be prepared.  I would say if you are carrying a gun, you should take this course, because even if you've been shooting for 10 years, you're never prepared.

Liz Jury, Orlando, FL

"People underestimate The Value of Training"

I've only been shooting for about two to three months. I started by taking the concealed carry course and then The Beginners Guide To Firearms course. I really enjoyed both of these courses and I learned a lot. I was kind of intimidated by the whole concept of just owning a gun and carrying one especially.  Then the opportunity to attend the Sheepdog Masterclass came up. And it was an exciting opportunity for me because being so new to shooting I don't know all the drills, learning my weaknesses is just a tremendous help. I think people underestimate the value of really getting trained by somebody that knows what they're doing. If you're considering taking the Sheepdog Masterclass you gotta take it.

You got to jump in because just the drills today, I learned so much today in three hours taking this course about my weaknesses. And I wouldn't have been able to do that without professional help.

Joel, West Chase, FL

"I have a responsibility to take courses like this"

Before taking this course I would go to the range but I didn't know what I was doing. I didn't know what I was doing wrong. I was just wasting money and ammo.The course was an experience. I feel like I have a responsibility to take courses like this because things could go wrong so fast and I need to be ready.If you're a gun owner, it's your responsibility to spend the money to be trained by someone who has been doing this for years. It's your responsibility to make sure that you're well prepared because if you're not, you're just holding a dangerous weapon for no reason. I mean you can have a gun, but if you don't know how to use it, if you don't know how to prepare yourself or how to defend yourself, it's just pointless.

Devin, Tampa, FL

"You need proper training"

I did six years in the Navy. But we didn't do a lot of shooting like I wanted. I wanted to transfer what I did know and learn the right way to handle a gun so that I would be able to protect my family. The course was fun, I loved it. Even though some of the drills were a little bit more difficult, it makes me want to keep practicing to get better.  This course is packed with a lot of good information, good value. You definitely learn how to draw from the holster, which I think is really important. Most people just go buy a holster, get a gun and think “I'm good to go.” They are wrong. You need proper training. Learn from somebody who knows what they're talking about, and I feel you get a lot of value and you'll be safe doing your training with an instructor standing next to you.

Ryan Jury, Orlando, FL.

Inside of my book Florida Concealed Carry Law I introduced a concept that I call the the three pillars of self defense. These three pillars include awareness, effective decision making and the application of skill. Let's take a moment to review these three pillars of self defense.

Pillar #1: Awareness Awareness is the art of maintaining a 360-degree knowledge of your environment and the people who occupy it. It is also the skill of analyzing body language for pre-incident indicators that signal that an attack is imminent.

Pillar #2: Effective Decision Making Effective decision making is the process of analyzing a potential threat and determining the best course of action that is authorized by law. This could include avoiding the threat or using your firearm to neutralize the threat. To master the skill of effective decision making you must develop a deep understanding of Florida concealed carry law.

Pillar #3: The Application of Skill Finally we have the application of skill which is the highest level of skill that an individual has achieved.

Every year I train thousands of people to not only survive a violent attack, but to dominate. I've noticed that most people have this false belief that they will somehow be able to perform at a level they have never trained or developed their skills for.

I believe this mindset comes from action movies, where we typically see a common theme among storylines: An everyday person has something tragic happen to himself or his family and seeks revenge. We then watch as this individual — who has no background in defensive shooting — clearing rooms, kicking open doors, manipulating a firearm, and killing the enemy.

Deep down inside, 90% of gun owners think they will be able to perform like this and manipulate their firearm at a high level due to their false belief that they will rise to the occasion.

Unfortunately, humans do not rise to the occasion....

We will always fall back to our highest level of training. Those of you who have not taken the time to develop advanced shooting skills will crumble under the pressure.

However, your punishment for failing to develop the necessary skills will be far greater than getting laughed at on social media.

Your punishment will be spending the rest of your life knowing that a life could have been saved if only you had taken the time to develop the necessary skills to use your firearm during a violent attack...

The Sheepdog Masterclass Series is broken down into six levels, and each level includes the following:

Video course explaining and demonstrating how each of the courses are executed. So you can practice on your own.

Paperback book with each drill explained, how to read your targets and shooting logs so you can measure your progress.

Private Or Couples: Spend one hour for each level with David Kowalsky at the gun range demonstrating the advanced shooting drills.

Sheepdog Masterclass Level-1

After completing the Sheepdog Masterclass Level-1 you will be able to;

✅ Shoot lightning fast while maintaining accuracy

✅ Safely perform emergency reloads

✅ Engage a target without using your sights

✅ Press your trigger smoothly and consistently

✅ Master the most important drill in pistol shooting

✅ Make accurate hits on the target one handed

Sheepdog Masterclass Level-2

After completing the Sheepdog Masterclass Level-2 you will be able to;

✅ Accurately engage multiple targets with extreme accuracy

✅ Discover the balance between speed and accuracy

✅ Test your accuracy at crazy distances

✅ Master accuracy from variety of starting positions

✅ Confidently engage multiple targets at varying distances

✅ Perform one of the most difficult accuracy drills in pistol shooting

Sheepdog Masterclass Level-3

After completing the Sheepdog Masterclass Level-3 you will be able to;

✅ Manipulate your firearm at a high level while under stress

✅ Confidently perform a Tap, Rack Bang…

✅ Clear a malfunction quickly so that you can get back into the fight

✅ Operate your pistol with your weak hand only

✅ Perform the most hated drill in shooting

Sheepdog Masterclass Level-4

After completing the Sheepdog Masterclass Level-4 you will be able to;

✅ Save the hostage and neutralize the threat

✅ Solve problems while accurately engaging the target

✅ Present your firearm from concealment and engage the threat while under extreme pressure

✅ Put your skills to the test by performing the SUPER TEST from a variety of starting positions

✅ Master complex problem solving while making accurate hits.

Anyone can shoot at a target when they are anticipating the need to do so. However it is much more difficult to process complex information, identify the correct target and make accurate hits when you're not expecting the need to do so.

Sheepdog Masterclass Level-5

After completing the Sheepdog Masterclass Level-5 you will be able to;

✅ Make accurate hits on the target while pulling a loved one out of danger

✅ Identify and engage multiple threats

✅ Engage a threat while fighting off a physical attack

✅ Confidently shoot the threat without hurting the good guy

✅ Complete The Devil Drill, Even satan hates this drill

After completing the Sheepdog Masterclass Level-6 you will be able to;

Stage 1: Strong Hand Weak Hand

Stage 2: Extreme Rapid Fire

Stage 3: Speed Is Everything

Stage 4: Close Proximity Negates Skill

Stage 5: Insane Accuracy…

Do you have what it takes to make it into the FBI?

🔥 Sheepdog Masterclass Level-1 Advanced Shooting ($247)

🔥 Sheepdog Masterclass Level-2 Extreme Marksmanship ($247)

🔥 Sheepdog Masterclass Level-3 Weapon Manipulation ($247)

🔥 Sheepdog Masterclass Level-4 Maximum Pressure ($247)

🔥 Sheepdog Masterclass Level-5 Combative Carry ($247) FREE!

🔥 Sheepdog Masterclass Level-6 FBI Qualification ($247) FREE!

Get The Complete Bundle & Save $1497 Only $997

These powerful courses help you develop the skills, muscle memory, and mindset necessary to dominate a violent attack.

During a violent attack, we will always begin at a massive disadvantage because it is always faster to act than it is to react.

The goal is that your training and preparation will help you to overcome this disadvantage as you apply your skill to stop the threat.

I know deep down that it is my responsibility to keep my family safe, which is why I train as hard as I do. I hope you will join me in this pursuit of developing our skills.

The Sheepdog Masterclass is the secret weapon that will give you an unfair advantage.

Each Level 1-6 Includes 1-Hour of Private (or couples) Live Fire Range Training ($247 Each) with Instructor David Kowalsky

Or Purchase The Sheepdog Masterclass Bundle Levels 1-6 for $997 (6x Private 1-Hour Live Trainings) with Instructor David Kowalsky

Range Classes are held at Declaration Defense - 1315 SW 1st Ct, Pompano Beach, FL 33069

on Monday - Saturday 12pm-6pm

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